Commit c2f7fef7 authored by Scott Snyder's avatar Scott Snyder Committed by Vakhtang Tsulaia
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TriggerJobOpts: Fix cluster correction configuration.

parent 15f61d36
......@@ -21,7 +21,10 @@ def ToolConstantsAlgCfg(flags, prefix, version):
# depending on the flags configure one of the input sources
if flags.Calo.ClusterCorrection.defaultSource == 'pool':
source = flags.Calo.ClusterCorrection.defaultSource
if not isinstance (source, list):
source = [source]
if 'pool' in source:
from EventSelectorAthenaPool.CondProxyProviderConfig import CondProxyProviderCfg
from CaloClusterCorrection.poolfiles import poolfiles
fileID = poolfiles.get("caloswcorr_pool") #TODO figure out how this relates to CalibVersion flag
......@@ -44,7 +44,9 @@ flags.Scheduler.ShowDataDeps = True
flags.Scheduler.ShowDataFlow = True
flags.Scheduler.ShowControlFlow = True
flags.Scheduler.EnableVerboseViews = True
flags.Calo.ClusterCorrection.defaultSource = 'pool' # temporary, until a complete support for the cool, pool, jo is present
from CaloClusterCorrection.constants \
flags.Calo.ClusterCorrection.defaultSource = [CALOCORR_POOL, CALOCORR_JO] # temporary, until a complete support for cool is present
flags.Exec.MaxEvents = 50
# TODO this two should be resolved in a smarter way (i.e. required passing the tag from the driver test, however now, parsing of string with - fails)
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