Commit e9246ddb authored by Tim Martin's avatar Tim Martin
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Update - add protection to "Configure DataScouting"...

Update - add protection to "Configure DataScouting" when reading from RAW (no metadata)
parent c2ba0cff
......@@ -222,9 +222,8 @@ class ByteStreamUnpackGetterRun2(Configured):
# Configure DataScouting
from PyUtils.MetaReaderPeeker import metadata
if 'stream' in metadata:
stream_local = metadata['stream']
if stream_local.startswith('calibration_DataScouting_') or TriggerFlags.doAlwaysUnpackDSResult():
if 'calibration' in stream_local and 'DataScouting_' in stream_local:
ds_tag = stream_local[12:27]
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