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  1. 06 Jun, 2020 4 commits
    • scott snyder's avatar
      egammaTools: ToolWithConstants work. · 4d457f84
      scott snyder authored
      An issue with the cluster correction metatool is that data dependencies
      don't get propagated through it.
      With the transition to ToolWithConstants, the metatool is disabled.
      That means that data dependencies _are_ propagated from the correction
      tools to the parent.
      However, egammaSwTool is creating correction tools for all possible
      cluster sizes, both for regular and supercell clusters.
      This means that all jobs see dependencies in the calo cells,
      even trigger jobs which use only supercell clusters and don't
      make the normal calo cells.
      It's actaully wasteful for this tool to build correction tools for
      both normal and supercell clusters, since both can't be used at the
      same time.
      For now, add options to configure an egammaSwTool for one or the other
    • scott snyder's avatar
      TriggerMenuMT: Moving to ToolWithConstants · dbc3523d
      scott snyder authored
      When configuring egammaSwTool for supercell clusters, don't configure
      the correction tools for normal cells.
      Avoids a bad dependency on the normal cells.
    • scott snyder's avatar
      egammaD3PDAnalysis: Migrate to ToolWithConstants. · c8d4665b
      scott snyder authored
      Change egammaShowerDepthalg to use ToolWithConstants instead
      of ToolWithConstantsMixin.
    • scott snyder's avatar
      CaloClusterCorrection: Switch cluster corrections to ToolWithConstants. · e552cc81
      scott snyder authored
      Switch the cluster correction classes from ToolWithConstantsMixin
      to ToolWithConstants.
      The metatool (CaloRunClusterCorrections) does not yet work with the new
      class, so it has been disabled.   This implies that one cannot configure
      the list of corrections from only a cool tag.  In many cases, though,
      the cool tag had already been replaced by a static version.
      For now, adjust the configuration so that we always use a static
      configuration, rather than the tag.  This should be revisited later.
      The configuration scripts also need some further cleanup, to be done
      in a future change.
  2. 04 Jun, 2020 20 commits
  3. 03 Jun, 2020 16 commits