1. 13 May, 2019 1 commit
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      Counter-based timer class · 9be9bb98
      Frank Winklmeier authored and Marco Clemencic's avatar Marco Clemencic committed
      Implement a `Gaudi::Timer` class that accumulates its statistics in a
      - `GenericTimer` is a generic timer that can be templated with a
        `std::chrono`-compatible clock and a precision. A timing measurement
        is done via the RAII helper class `ScopeTimer`.
      - The Timer can register itself with an owner using the dedicated
      - `RdtscClock` is a (non-walltime) clock based on `rdtsc`. Depending on
        the available CPU this can be significantly faster than the default
        clock. Run the `test_GaudiTimer` unit tests for a measurement of the
        overhead of the various clocks.
      - `Gaudi/Timers.h` provides a default `Gaudi::Timer` based on wall-clock and
        `Gaudi::FastTimer` based on the `RdtscClock`.
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      Implementation of a new set of counters for Gaudi, replacing StatEntity · 1a247999
      Sebastien Ponce authored
      The new counters have a few new features compared to existing StatEntity :
        - they are templated by the counted type
        - they come with different flavors counting only what you need (e.g. simple count, no stat)
        - more flavour can easily be created at will thanks to the AccumulatorSet object
        - they come with 2 implementations : thread safe or not
        - the thread safe ones use atomics and should be as efficient as possible
        - a Buffer object allows to easily buffer updates to a counter made in a tight loop, without paying the atomic price each time
      A Small unit test is available in the test suite and example code is provided in the comments of Counters.h where they are implemented.
      Existing code has been adapted, in particulat the ChronoSvc.
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      New interface for using Gaudi counters (LHCBPS-1758) · 94045bef
      Andrea Valassi authored and Sebastien Ponce's avatar Sebastien Ponce committed
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