Commit e18921b6 authored by Johannes Elmsheuser's avatar Johannes Elmsheuser
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Merge branch '22.0-cppcheck-tauEvent' into 'master'


See merge request atlas/athena!46038
parents 8973ed54 9054a382
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
#include "tauEvent/TauCommonDetails.h"
#include "tauEvent/TauCommonExtraDetails.h"
#include "tauEvent/TauDetailsContainer.h"
#include <algorithm> //for remove_if
......@@ -216,8 +217,7 @@ namespace Analysis
//Delete all existing details links
m_tauDetails.erase(m_tauDetails.begin(), m_tauDetails.end());
//Add new details (if there is a container and a detail)
if( (tauDetailsContainer!=0) && (tauCommonDetails!=0)) {
......@@ -417,30 +417,27 @@ namespace Analysis
void TauJet::CleanDetailsForAOD()
ElementLinkVector<TauDetailsContainer>::iterator idetail
= m_tauDetails.begin();
while(idetail != m_tauDetails.end()) {
// counter
const unsigned int i = idetail - m_tauDetails.begin();
//Remove invalid details
if (!(*idetail).isValid()) {
const TauDetails* detail =* m_tauDetails[i];
//Remove 0 details
if (detail==0) {
//Remove any extra detail
if ( (dynamic_cast<const TauCommonExtraDetails*>(detail)!=0) ||
(dynamic_cast<const TauRecExtraDetails*>(detail)!=0) ||
(dynamic_cast<const Tau1P3PExtraDetails*>(detail)!=0) )
//remove invalid details
//sroe:I couldn't work out the type here, so use an 'auto' argument
auto isInvalid = [](const auto t){return not t.isValid();};
auto validEnd = std::remove_if(m_tauDetails.begin(), m_tauDetails.end(), isInvalid);
m_tauDetails.erase(validEnd, m_tauDetails.end());
//remove nullptrs before next step
auto goodPointerEnd = std::remove(m_tauDetails.begin(), m_tauDetails.end(), nullptr);
m_tauDetails.erase(goodPointerEnd, m_tauDetails.end());
//remove pointers which cast to details
auto castsToDetail = [](const auto t){
const TauDetails* detail = * t;
auto isNull = (detail == nullptr);
auto castToCommon = dynamic_cast<const TauCommonExtraDetails*>(detail);
auto castToRec = dynamic_cast<const TauRecExtraDetails*>(detail);
auto castTo1P3P = dynamic_cast<const Tau1P3PExtraDetails*>(detail);
//rely on pointer to bool conversion
return (isNull or castToCommon or castToRec or castTo1P3P);
auto detailPointerEnd = std::remove_if(m_tauDetails.begin(), m_tauDetails.end(), castsToDetail);
m_tauDetails.erase(detailPointerEnd, m_tauDetails.end());
void TauJet::CopyToCommonDetails(
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