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    Configure router to use "source" for passthrough · 647edc6c
    Miciah Masters authored
    Configure OpenShift router to use the "source" balancing algorithm for
    passthrough routes in order to provide some session-affinity.
    This was the behavior for passthrough routes before OpenShift 4.8, and
    changing it was unintentional.
    Follow-up to commit e83b057c.
    This commit fixes bug 1997407.
    * pkg/operator/controller/ingress/deployment.go
    (RouterTCPLoadBalancingAlgorithmEnvName): New const for the
    "ROUTER_TCP_BALANCE_SCHEME" environment variable.
    (desiredRouterDeployment): Set ROUTER_TCP_BALANCE_SCHEME to "source".
    * pkg/operator/controller/ingress/deployment_test.go
    (TestDesiredRouterDeployment): Verify that desiredRouterDeployment sets
    ROUTER_TCP_BALANCE_SCHEME appropriately.