Unverified Commit 3a15611f authored by Clayton Coleman's avatar Clayton Coleman
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test/e2e: TestHTTPHeaderBufferSize must wait for old pod to delete

The addition of minReadySeconds slows the rate at which config changes
rollout - the old logic in the test made an update to the IC and assumed
the new pod being ready == high likelihood the new pod and router config
was live, but instead the old pod was actually just as likely to get
the request.

Wait until the old pod is gone before continuing.
parent d8af5ea7
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ func TestHTTPHeaderBufferSize(t *testing.T) {
// Wait for the new router pod for the updated ingresscontroller to become ready.
pollErr = wait.PollImmediate(2*time.Second, 3*time.Minute, func() (bool, error) {
pollErr = wait.PollImmediate(2*time.Second, 5*time.Minute, func() (bool, error) {
podList := &corev1.PodList{}
if err := kclient.List(context.TODO(), podList, client.InNamespace(deployment.Namespace), client.MatchingLabels(labels)); err != nil {
t.Errorf("failed to list pods for ingress controllers %s: %v", ic.Name, err)
......@@ -220,16 +220,19 @@ func TestHTTPHeaderBufferSize(t *testing.T) {
for _, pod := range podList.Items {
if pod.Name == oldRouterPodName {
// wait until the old router pod is gone before continuing
return false, nil
for _, pod := range podList.Items {
for _, cond := range pod.Status.Conditions {
if cond.Type == corev1.PodReady && cond.Status == corev1.ConditionTrue {
return true, nil
t.Logf("waiting for new router pod for %s to become ready", ic.Name)
return false, nil
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