Unverified Commit d86b0316 authored by OpenShift Merge Robot's avatar OpenShift Merge Robot Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #362 from AndreaM12345/cherry-pick-4.3-2

Bug 1800338: [release-4.3] update to setDefaultPublishingStrategy() to add IBMCloudPlatform
parents 6f818743 01e2cac4
......@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@ func setDefaultPublishingStrategy(ic *operatorv1.IngressController, infraConfig
if effectiveStrategy == nil {
var strategyType operatorv1.EndpointPublishingStrategyType
switch infraConfig.Status.Platform {
case configv1.AWSPlatformType, configv1.AzurePlatformType, configv1.GCPPlatformType:
case configv1.AWSPlatformType, configv1.AzurePlatformType, configv1.GCPPlatformType, configv1.IBMCloudPlatformType:
strategyType = operatorv1.LoadBalancerServiceStrategyType
case configv1.LibvirtPlatformType:
strategyType = operatorv1.HostNetworkStrategyType
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