1. 11 May, 2021 1 commit
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  5. 26 Apr, 2021 2 commits
    • Stephen Greene's avatar
      Bindata: Update generated CRD · c63c7695
      Stephen Greene authored
      Run `make update` to update the Ingress Controller CRD.
      Commit bindata changes from `make update`.
      This commit resolves Bug 1950270, in which
      `oc explain ingresscontroller.spec.nodePlacement --api-version=operator.openshift.io/v1`
      displays an outdated default node selector for Ingress Controller deployments.
    • Stephen Greene's avatar
      go.mod: Update openshift/api & go version · 03af9b83
      Stephen Greene authored
      Update openshift/api to commit
      `c22782737ea0a882ed8d4e2c9bd3b974ee3bfca0` to pull in
      Update go.mod go version to go 1.16 and run `go mod tidy`.
      Move from kube deps `v0.21.0-rc.0` to `v0.21.0` since kubernetes
      1.21 has been officially released.
      Run `go mod vendor`.
  6. 24 Apr, 2021 1 commit
  7. 23 Apr, 2021 4 commits
    • Miciah Masters's avatar
      TestDefaultIngressClass: Omit namespace in logs · 1ef19654
      Miciah Masters authored
      * test/e2e/operator_test.go (TestDefaultIngressClass): Omit the
      ingressclass's namespace in log messages.  The namespace is always empty
      because ingressclass is cluster-scoped.
    • Miciah Masters's avatar
      ingressclass: Add unit tests · 17f36541
      Miciah Masters authored
      * pkg/operator/controller/ingressclass/ingressclass_test.go: New file.
      (TestDesiredIngressClass): New test.  Verify that desiredIngressClass
      behaves as expected.
      (TestIngressClassChanged): New test.  Verify that ingressClassChanged
      behaves as expected.
    • Miciah Masters's avatar
      ingressclass: Capitalize names consistently · a539e5fa
      Miciah Masters authored
      * pkg/operator/controller/ingressclass/ingressclass.go
      (ensureIngressClass, desiredIngressClass, currentIngressClass)
      (updateIngressClass): Capitalize "ingressclasses" as "ingressClasses" and
      "ingresscontrollerName" as "ingressControllerName".
      (ingressclassChanged): Rename...
      (ingressClassChanged): ...to this.
    • Miciah Masters's avatar
      ingressclass: Handle ingresscontroller deletion · b625c7ca
      Miciah Masters authored
      If the ingresscontroller corresponding to an ingressclass does not
      exist (for example, because the ingresscontroller was deleted), delete the
      This commit fixes bug 1950978.
      * manifests/00-cluster-role.yaml: Allow the operator to delete
      * pkg/manifests/bindata.go: Regenerate.
      * pkg/operator/controller/ingressclass/controller.go (Reconcile): Pass the
      ingresscontroller's namespaced name to ensureIngressClass.
      * pkg/operator/controller/ingressclass/ingressclass.go
      (ensureIngressClass): Change ingresscontroller name parameter type from
      string to namespaced-name.  Check if the ingresscontroller exists and is
      not marked for deletion, and pass a corresponding Boolean value to
      (desiredIngressClass): Return false, nil if the ingresscontroller does not
      * test/e2e/operator_test.go (TestCustomIngressClass): New test.  Verify
      that the ingressclass controller creates an ingressclass for a custom
      ingresscontroller and deletes the ingressclass when the ingresscontroller
      is deleted.
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    • Stephen Greene's avatar
      test/e2e: Make `TestRouteAdmissionPolicy` deterministic. · cdaf25e9
      Stephen Greene authored
      This commit adds a few small e2e test improvements in support of Bug
      Helper functions:
      Increase the polling timeouts in `waitForRouterIngressConditions` and
      `waitForClusterOperatorConditions` from 10 seconds to 1 minute.
      1 minute is not much longer than 10 seconds, and presumably a longer
      timeout for these polling functions could result in less test flakes.
      It's worth taking the additional 50 seconds if it saves us from any
      future `/retest` comments.
      Use specific names for `route1` and `route2`, as to avoid the common
      `route` name, which makes debugging this e2e test much easier.
      Sleep for 2 (two) seconds after creating route1. This is to ensure that
      route1 and route2 _do not_ wind up having the same creation timestamp.
      If route1 and route2 have a common timestamp, we cannot determine
      whether route1 or route2 will be rejected.
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