1. 08 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      client: add support for metalink source · c8fda5ff
      Paul Millar authored
      FTS supports bulk operations, but using its own specific format.  The
      metalink is a well-documented (see RFC 5854) XML format that describes
      how to receive a set of files.
      Support for metalink would allow FTS to accept a bulk transfer request
      with the FTS user presenting the information in a standard fashion.
      Add initial support for parsing the metalink XML format.  The idea is
      that the user presents a base URL that all files (within the metalink
      file) are resolved against.
      There are several limitations with the current implementation:
       *  Metalink allows for a file to have multiple sources.  This patch
          selects only the best url (the one with the lowest priority value).
       *  There are several types of source URLs supported by metalink (http,
          bittorrent, etc.).  The code currently assumes that any source URL
          is acceptable by FTS
       *  In principle, the metalink allows a file to have different digest
          values, as calculated by different checksum algorithms.  Currently,
          only adler32 checksums are supported.
      It is now possible to submit a bulk request to FTS using a metalink
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      client: add support for --strict-copy flag · bfd81bc1
      Paul Millar authored
      There are some circumstances in which it is impossible for FTS to verify
      that a transfer was successful: any attempt to do so will fail, which
      results in the overall transfer failing.
      Rather than failing transfers, it may be acceptable to rely on the
      result of the COPY.  If this reports success then consider the transfer
      Support for this already exists in FTS.  It is only the REST client that
      is missing a flag.
      Add the `strict_copy` param with a default value of `False`.  Add a
      command-line argument that switches on the behaviour.
      Someone using the REST client is now able to tell FTS that files are to
      be copied without FTS attempting to verify the success.
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      FTS-1775: Refactor the token validation codeflow. · eaf4c224
      Mihai Patrascoiu authored
      The _validate_token_offline() and _validate_token_online() helper function should not hide exceptions but propagate them upwards. The main validate_access_token() function takes care of the error handling and error message propagation to the client
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