Commit 04217bfc authored by Nicholas Styles's avatar Nicholas Styles Committed by Graeme Stewart
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yet another RTT fix (InDetSLHC_Example-00-02-94)

	* More RTT fixes
	* Tagging as InDetSLHC_Example-00-02-93
	* And again in InDetSLHC_Example-00-02-94

2017-08-15 Swagato Banerjee
	* Added DigiInclinedQuads and DigiInclinedDuals
	* Tagging as InDetSLHC_Example-00-02-92

2017-08-14 Nick Styles
	* further updates for producing InDetStandardPlots
	* Tagging as InDetSLHC_Example-00-02-91

2017-08-14 Nick Styles
	* Added to create Sim validation plots (needs SiHitAnalysis-00-00-01)
	* Updated RTT tests to include and use this
	* Tagged as InDetSLHC_Example-00-02-90
parent 8a4a88eb
from SiHitAnalysis.SiHitAnalysisConf import SiHitAnalysis
if not hasattr(ServiceMgr, 'THistSvc'):
from GaudiSvc.GaudiSvcConf import THistSvc
ServiceMgr += THistSvc()
ServiceMgr.THistSvc.Output += ["HIT_NTUPLE DATAFILE='SiHitValid.root' OPT='RECREATE'"]
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