Commit 3f2e624c authored by Tadej Novak's avatar Tadej Novak
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Merge branch 'master-larrod-again' into 'master' configure CaloSuperCellAlignCondAlg if it has not yet been configured

See merge request atlas/athena!58983
parents 790ba9ad a78ea68a
......@@ -7,6 +7,12 @@ theLArSCL1Maker=LArSCL1Maker()
from LArROD.LArSCellGetter import LArSCellGetter
theLArSCellGetter = LArSCellGetter()
from AthenaCommon.AlgSequence import AthSequencer
condSeq = AthSequencer("AthCondSeq")
if not hasattr(condSeq,"CaloSuperCellAlignCondAlg"):
from CaloAlignmentAlgs.CaloAlignmentAlgsConf import CaloSuperCellAlignCondAlg
condSeq += CaloSuperCellAlignCondAlg("CaloSuperCellAlignCondAlg")
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