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FakeBkgTools README correction

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......@@ -28,12 +28,13 @@ ATH_CHECK( tool->register2DHistogram(&hPt1Pt2, &lepton1Pt, &lepton2Pt) );
Histogram bin errors correspond only to the (symmetrized) statistical uncertainty in the predicted yield. To retrieve systematic uncertainties, one should use `applySystematicVariation()`, which will change the bin contents accordingly to the requested up/down variation (see [current limitations for LhoodMM_tools]( Do not forget to call `getTotalYield()` each time to update the histogram:
std::map<std::string, TH1F> hMETSysts;
for(auto& sysvar : sysvars)
std::unordered_map<CP::SystematicSet, TH1F> hMETSysts;
for(auto& systvar : tool->recommendedSystematics())
ATH_CHECK( tool->applySystematicVariation({sysvar}) );
ATH_CHECK( tool->getTotalYield(unused,unused,unused) );
CP::SystematicSet systset{systvar};
ATH_CHECK( tool->applySystematicVariation(systset) );
ATH_CHECK( tool->getTotalYield(unused, unused, unused) ); // this changes the registered hMET
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