Commit 9539ca27 authored by Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska
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Merge branch 'lyue-21.6-patch-89720' into '21.6'


See merge request atlas/athena!47438
parents d830f285 73574656
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
# art-html: dcube --ecmEnergy=13000. --maxEvents=10000 --firstEvent=-1 --randomSeed=123456 --outputEVNTFile=EVNT.root --outputYODAFile=MyOutput.yoda.gz --postInclude=/cvmfs/ --jobConfig=950073 --ecmEnergy=13000. --maxEvents=10000 --firstEvent=-1 --randomSeed=123456 --outputEVNTFile=EVNT.root --outputYODAFile=MyOutput.yoda.gz --postInclude=/cvmfs/ --jobConfig=421113
echo "art-result: $? Gen_tf"
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