Commit dc32ba23 authored by Zach Marshall's avatar Zach Marshall
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Adding LumiBlock/LumiBlockComps to AthAnalysis

Tested that the package compiles normally against 21.2, and checked that
it is up to date with respect to the version in the trunk of svn.  This
package is needed for the lumi block metadata tools, among other
reasons, in AthAnalysis (no need in AnalysisBase)

Former-commit-id: 29d3317b5042c769cb7fb3693fb98e73677c9fda
parent cb219a82
......@@ -173,6 +173,9 @@
+ Event/EventBookkeeperTools
+ Event/EventBookkeeperMetaData
# LumiBlockComps for the LumiBlockMetaDataTool
+ LumiBlock/LumiBlockComps
# Other extras (would very much like to eliminate!) :
+ Event/EventInfo.*
+ Event/EventAthenaPool
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