Commit f01bbf19 authored by Vakhtang Tsulaia's avatar Vakhtang Tsulaia
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Merge branch 'geantino' into 'master'


See merge request atlas/athena!47468
parents 7b2823fa ceb445eb
......@@ -18,4 +18,4 @@ atlas_add_component( TrkG4UserActions
# Install files from the package:
atlas_install_python_modules( python/*.py POST_BUILD_CMD ${ATLAS_FLAKE8} )
atlas_install_joboptions( share/*.py )
atlas_install_scripts( scripts/*.py )
......@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ from AthenaCommon.Configurable import Configurable
from AthenaCommon.Logging import log
from AthenaConfiguration.AllConfigFlags import ConfigFlags
from AthenaConfiguration.MainServicesConfig import MainServicesCfg
from AthenaConfiguration.ComponentAccumulator import ComponentAccumulator
from AthenaConfiguration.ComponentFactory import CompFactory
# Set up logging and new style config
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