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The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
## [v36r5][] - 2022-04-04
Several small changes and fixes in this release. It also features the removal of some deprecated and unused code.
### Changed
- Suppress Initialize/Finalize (mis)balance messages (gaudi/Gaudi#215 gaudi/Gaudi!1313)
- GaudiKernel: remove deprecated `setProperties` methods (gaudi/Gaudi!1311)
- StatusCode: remove deprecated checking code (gaudi/Gaudi!1309)
- Changes for LHCb super project builds (gaudi/Gaudi!1308)
- Dropped usage of `(UN)LIKELY` macro (gaudi/Gaudi!1307)
### Added
- Add Trait to write an *OpaqueView* to the TES which makes the underlying object inaccessible (gaudi/Gaudi!1318)
- Message: cleanup and add accessors for event ID (gaudi/Gaudi!1325)
- Extend `IFileAccess` interface with a `read` function (gaudi/Gaudi!1317)
- Add another `Gaudi::Functional` transformer: `SplittingMergingTransformer` (gaudi/Gaudi!1315)
### Fixed
- Remove unused lambda captures (clang warning) (gaudi/Gaudi!1326)
- Fix compilation with nlohman_json 3.10.5 (gaudi/Gaudi#220 gaudi/Gaudi!1324)
- Fix `PluginService` segfault at initialize when `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` is not defined (gaudi/Gaudi!1316)
- Add missing `front()` and `back()` to `Functional::vector_of_const_` (gaudi/Gaudi!1323)
- Fixed computation of "levels" in EvtStoreSvc (gaudi/Gaudi!1322)
- Remove clearing of seed at initialization (gaudi/Gaudi!1321)
- Improvements to the `Configurable` method `merge` (gaudi/Gaudi!1319)
- Fix spurious / irrelevant data race in `DataObjectHandle` and remove unused state (gaudi/Gaudi!1314)
- Remove redundant lines from Gaudi{Tuple,Histo}Alg definition (gaudi/Gaudi!1312)
## [v36r4][] - 2022-01-20
This minor release features a few bugfixes, some usability improvements and some small backward incompatible changes
that could be as well classified as bugfixes.
## Changed
### Changed
- Remove unused `LinkManager::removeLink` (gaudi/Gaudi!1294)
- {Merging,Splitting}Transformer: replace vector<string> property with vector<DataObjID> (gaudi/Gaudi!1297)
- ToolBinder: prefer function pointer in constructor over pure virtual inheritance (gaudi/Gaudi!1292)
- GaudiConfig2: apply OrderedSetSemantics to `std::[unordered_]set` (gaudi/Gaudi!1298)
- Change GaudiConfig2 default semantics to use deepcopy of the default (gaudi/Gaudi#114 gaudi/Gaudi!1296)
## Added
### Added
- Add example of consuming/producing `std::shared_ptr` with `Gaudi::Functional` (gaudi/Gaudi!1303)
- Allow use of `ConfigurableUser` specializations in configuration functions (gaudi/Gaudi#213 gaudi/Gaudi!1302)
- Record the source location of `DECLARE_COMPONENT` in Python configurables (gaudi/Gaudi#203 gaudi/Gaudi!1299)
- Extend the `` `GaudiConfig2` file lookup to allow full path to modules (gaudi/Gaudi#192 gaudi/Gaudi!1301)
- Add support for multiple input arguments to Merging{,Multi}Transformer (gaudi/Gaudi!1291)
## Fixed
### Fixed
- Fix spurious options mismatch between old and new configurables (gaudi/Gaudi#191 gaudi/Gaudi!1300)
- `IBinder::Box` call destruct with the right pointer. (gaudi/Gaudi!1293)
- Fixes for running tests with LHCb test class (gaudi/Gaudi!1289)
......@@ -847,6 +875,7 @@ Details about old versions of the project can be found in the
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