Commit e76e32f0 authored by Gaia Grosso's avatar Gaia Grosso
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correct error at line 87

parent cef468e0
......@@ -80,11 +80,11 @@ def WriteProperty(device, location, offset, width, write_value, verbose=0):
print("An error occured while executing C function write_bits.")
return -1
# Readback as checkout
isReadcheck = ctypes.c_uint(reg.read_bits(device, location, ctypes.byref(read_value), ctypes.c_uint(verbose) )).value
isReadcheck = ctypes.c_uint(cfunc.read_bits(device, location, ctypes.byref(read_value), ctypes.c_uint(verbose) )).value
if isReadcheck == -1:
print("An error occured while executing C function read_bits")
return -1
if read_value_new == output:
if isReadcheck == output:
return 0
print("Readback failed. Register not writable.")
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