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Deleted cmake/toolchain/heptools-100_ATLAS_1.cmake

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#---List of externals----------------------------------------------
LCG_external_package(gperftools 2.8.1 pprof_flag=--disable-deprecated-pprof)
LCG_external_package(mcutils 1.3.5 ${MCGENPATH}/mcutils)
LCG_external_package(fastjet 3.3.2.atlas author=3.3.2)
LCG_external_package(evtgen 1.7.0 ${MCGENPATH}/evtgen tag=R01-07-00 hepmc=2)
LCG_external_package(thepeg 2.2.1 ${MCGENPATH}/thepeg hepmc=2)
LCG_external_package(herwig3 7.2.1 ${MCGENPATH}/herwig++ thepeg=2.2.1 madgraph=3.0.1.beta openloops=2.1.1 lhapdf=6.2.3 hepmc=2)
LCG_external_package(pygraphviz 1.5 )
LCG_external_package(sherpa 2.2.11p1 ${MCGENPATH}/sherpa hepevt=200000 author=2.2.11)
LCG_external_package(sherpa-openmpi 2.2.11p1.openmpi3 ${MCGENPATH}/sherpa hepevt=200000 author=2.2.11)
LCG_external_package(photos++ 3.61 ${MCGENPATH}/photos++ author=3.61 )
LCG_external_package(tauola++ 1.1.6 ${MCGENPATH}/tauola++ author=1.1.6 )
LCG_external_package(blas 0.3.10.openblas target=NEHALEM rev=4 )
LCG_external_package(pythia8 304 ${MCGENPATH}/pythia8 )
LCG_external_package(yoda 1.9.0 ${MCGENPATH}/yoda )
LCG_external_package(rivet 3.1.4 ${MCGENPATH}/rivet hepmc=2 )
LCG_external_package(lhapdf 6.2.3 ${MCGENPATH}/lhapdf )
LCG_external_package(openloops 2.1.2 ${MCGENPATH}/openloops )
LCG_external_package(superchic 4.02.2 ${MCGENPATH}/superchic author=4.02 )
LCG_external_package(madgraph5amc 2.9.3.atlas1 ${MCGENPATH}/madgraph5amc author=2.9.3 )
LCG_external_package(apfel 3.0.4 ${MCGENPATH}/apfel )
if(NOT ${LCG_OS}${LCG_OSVERS} MATCHES fc|ubuntu|mac[0-9]+)
LCG_AA_project(CORAL 3_3_6)
LCG_AA_project(COOL 3_3_6)
LCG_top_packages(AIDA Boost COOL CORAL CppUnit Davix Frontier_Client GSL HepMC HepPDT PyYAML Python Qt5 RELAX ROOT XercesC apfel blas chardet clhep coin3d cppgsl crmc cryptography cx_oracle cycler dcap decorator doxygen entrypoints eigen evtgen expat fastjet fjcontrib fmt freetype future gperftools graphviz gtest hdf5 hepmcanalysis heputils herwig3 hijing hydjet idna importlib_metadata ipython java jsonmcpp kiwisolver lhapdf libffi libsodium libunwind libxkbcommon libxml2 libxslt lxml lz4 madgraph5amc matplotlib maven mccabe mctester mcutils mysql oracle pandas pcre pip png pprof protobuf psutil pycodestyle pyflakes pygraphviz pyqt5 pyquen pythia6 pythia8 rangev3 requests rivet scipy sherpa six sqlalchemy sqlite starlight stomppy superchic tbb thepeg tiff urllib3 valgrind vbfnlo vdt xrootd yoda zeromq zipp zlib)
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