Commit 277c4709 authored by Patricia Mendez Lorenzo's avatar Patricia Mendez Lorenzo
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setting tarfioes option

parent 95f641aa
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ else()
set(LCG_IGNORE "" CACHE STRING "List of packages to be ignored from LCG_INSTALL_PREFIX (';' separated)")
set(LCG_INSTALL_PREFIX "" CACHE PATH "Existing LCG installation path prefix.")
set(LCG_TARBALL_INSTALL OFF CACHE BOOL "Turn ON/OFF creation/installation of tarballs")
set(LCG_TARBALL_INSTALL ON CACHE BOOL "Turn ON/OFF creation/installation of tarballs")
set(VALIDATION OFF CACHE BOOL "Enable validation settings.")
set(POST_INSTALL ON CACHE BOOL "Enable validation settings.")
set(STRIP_RPATH ON CACHE BOOL "Strip RPATH from binaries.")
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