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added numpy as dep

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...@@ -3613,7 +3613,7 @@ LCGPackage_Add( ...@@ -3613,7 +3613,7 @@ LCGPackage_Add(
INSTALL_COMMAND ${MakeSitePackagesDir} INSTALL_COMMAND ${MakeSitePackagesDir}
COMMAND ${PYTHON} ${pip_home}/bin/pip install ${PySetupOptions} ${GenURL}/tensorboard_plugin_wit-${tensorboard_plugin_wit_native_version}-${py_tensorflow}-none-any.whl COMMAND ${PYTHON} ${pip_home}/bin/pip install ${PySetupOptions} ${GenURL}/tensorboard_plugin_wit-${tensorboard_plugin_wit_native_version}-${py_tensorflow}-none-any.whl
DEPENDS Python setuptools pip wheel DEPENDS Python setuptools pip wheel numpy
) )
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