Commit c4add4cb authored by Dmitri Konstantinov's avatar Dmitri Konstantinov
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Merge branch 'thep8i_upgrade' into 'master'

[SPI-2016] Update thep8i to 2.0.1 in devs

See merge request !986
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......@@ -110,4 +110,4 @@ LCG_external_package(hjets 1.2-herwig-7.2.1 ${MCGENPATH}/hjets he
# error: ‘const class std::complex<ThePEG::Qty<std::ratio<0>, std::ratio<0>, std::ratio<0> > >’ has no member named ‘__rep’
LCG_external_package(thep8i 2.0.0 ${MCGENPATH}/thep8i )
LCG_external_package(thep8i 2.0.1 ${MCGENPATH}/thep8i )
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