Commit 6310b173 authored by Sarah Seif El Nasr's avatar Sarah Seif El Nasr
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Adding board regs to update function

parent dc6d28d5
......@@ -798,6 +798,17 @@ void OTTool::InjectPattern(BeBoard* pBoard, std::vector<Injection> pInjections,
void OTTool::UpdateFromRegMap(BeBoard* pBoard)
// important registers for beBoard
std::vector<std::string> cBoardRegs{"fc7_daq_cnfg.fast_command_block.misc.trigger_multiplicity","","fc7_daq_cnfg.fast_command_block.trigger_source"};
BeBoardRegMap cRegMap = pBoard->getBeBoardRegMap();
for(auto cReg : cBoardRegs )
fBeBoardInterface->WriteBoardReg(pBoard, cReg , cRegMap[cReg]);
// set thresholds
for(auto cOpticalGroup: *pBoard)
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