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    Initial commit from github (squashed) · 9bd22e2c
    digambar authored
    These were the commits from github repo(s)
      84d943e Initial commit
      3d15bd1 Created the pecan project for containers for API
      b49297b Added rest functionality to the v2 apis
      227e1dd Added rest functionality to the v2 apis
      39500ae Added the base API call like POST, GET, PUT & DELETE.
      e404e94 adding wsme support to pecan
      f90f540 Added wsme support to the magnum apis
      c879329 added changes to api
      24ebc32 Fixed the bugs in the container apis
      01725ef Rename dir from containers to magnum
      1a1375a Add requirements and test-requirements
      f957e2e Add ASL2.0 license
      8f4c0ee Move tests to the proper location
      48dd100 Move setup files to proper directory
      86cc435 Fix the setup so the installation is sanitary
      b766d59 Make the installation and tox testing work
      c477236 This is a new project - start with v1 for api
      cf20cac Remove pep8 errors
      d23b325 Merge with code generated using OpenStack cookie-cutter
      b6b9f34 Ability to run pecan serve from command line
    Had to update requirements.txt to get jobs working
    Change-Id: I068389412d023c258bda40dfbdff5a40f2e7d175
    Co-Authored-By: default avatarDigambar Patil <>
    Co-Authored-By: default avatarSteven Dake <>
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