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......@@ -59,12 +59,13 @@ with_ROOT_ALICE:
- ls /cvmfs/
- mkdir build && cd build
- cmake .. -DVc_DIR=${VC_ROOT}/lib/cmake -DROOT=ON -DGDML=OFF -DBACKEND=Vc
# since ROOT was built with C++14 we need to ask VecGeom the same
- make VERBOSE=ON && make test
- echo $SHELL
- yum install environment-modules -y
- yum install -y unzip autoconf automake make curl-devel bison flex glibc gcc g++
- yum install -y unzip autoconf automake make gcc
- eval "$(/cvmfs/ printenv CMake::v3.13.1-3)"
- eval "$(/cvmfs/ printenv ROOT::v6-18-04-8)"
- eval "$(/cvmfs/ printenv Vc::1.4.1-6)"
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