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    • Zach Marshall's avatar
      Adding new "Classifier" decoration for truth particles · d0e17ed6
      Zach Marshall authored
      PMG have recommended a new classification for truth particles. It's
      already set in the truth particle classifier decoration algorithm, and
      just needs to be handed off to the truth particle collections that are
      made as a part of derivation making. This adds the Classification
      decoration to the output of those collections.
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      Enabling truth jets in TRUTH derivations · ffeead94
      Zach Marshall authored
      This gets truth jet building working again in truth derivations. The
      state after this MR is:
      -) The correct large-R jets are built and have the required decorations
      -) The correst small-R jets are build, but they currently lack the
      desired truth flavor decorations
      -) As discussed elsewhere, some extra branches exist in truth DAODs made
      with master, because branch dropping seems to not be working quite right
      -) There are errors coming from CutFlowSvc to do with a mis-match in the
      number of weights. I'm not quite sure how to solve this one; it looks
      like CutFlowSvc has moved and been re-worked in master, so I might ask
      for a little help with this one.
      Note that I've disabled most of the jet-related items for derivations
      running off of AODs. That's because the truth jet building code
      currently conflicts with what the jet group is running, and it's not yet
      clear to me how to fix this all. I hope the jet group will clean up a
      bit in the next few days/weeks, and then we'll be able to harmonize.
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    • Zach Marshall's avatar
      First update for truth derivations · 0dedb276
      Zach Marshall authored
      My last attempt was a bit too much at once, so I'm breaking this up a
      bit more. This brings three truth tools up from release 21.2 to master:
      a tool for decorating GenFilter outcomes, a tool for decotating
      truth-level event density, and a tool for writing truth metadata.
      There's a small tweak to the python to not ignore the gen filter tool,
      now that it exists. More can come later, but this is a start.
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    • James Catmore's avatar
      MC truth in release 22 verison of DAOD_PHYS · cec1e70e
      James Catmore authored
      This MR makes use of !33167 and !33139 and introduces MC truth into DAOD_PHYS in master. Necessarily a number of components have been commented out as they rely on other software that has not been migrated into release 22 and will need to be added in further MRs. The missing components are as follows. If no file name is provided the commented lines are in MCTruthCommon.py.
      - Q/G decoration jets (TruthDerivationTools.py)
      - TruthMetaDataWriter
      - TruthCategories (PHYS.py)
      - CopyTruthJetParticles
      - addAntiKt4TruthDressedWZJets
      - truth_groomed
      - scheduleTauTruthTools
      - GenFilterTools in GenFilterToolSetup.py
      - addTruthEnergyDensity
      - TauTruth (PHYS.py)
      - LHE3 weights (PHYS.py)
      - addTruthJets (PHYS.py) - seg fault if uncommented
      - TruthQGDecorationTool
      - TauTruth omitted from TruthNavigationDecorator
      - addLargeRJetD2 (complains about missing AntiKt10...R20Jets
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    • James Catmore's avatar
      Porting DerivationFrameworkMCTruth to release 22: sweep of source code · ddd129b7
      James Catmore authored
      This MR is a manual sweep of the source code in DerivationFrameworkMCTruth to master. It is a pre-requisite for producing DAOD_PHYS and any other DAOD containing "TRUTH3"-like truth. As things stand none of these changes will have an effect on any applications in master, as the relevant job options have not been prepared.
      Some of the files in this package evolved independently in release 21 and 22 so some adjustments have been made by hand. The following changes have been applied:
      Swept directly from release 21.2:
      Version in 21.2 merged into version in master:
      Version in master left alone as no evolution in 21.2 since last sweep:
      Sweep failed due to dependencies that will need to be addressed in further MRs:
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    • scott snyder's avatar
      DerivationFrameworkMCTruth: Fix compilation warning. · ffa4ee54
      scott snyder authored
      Code has a couple instances of `if (!x>0)' which was intended to be true
      if x is 0.  It actually does that, but kind of by chance.  The expression
      is actually parsed as (!x)>0, so the LHS of this comparison is 1 if x
      is 0 and 0 if it is not.  Rewrite this as simply `x==0', which is clear
      and unambiguous,
      Former-commit-id: 576274b87f5214811e5af1ad01d883c65b9618f1
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    • James Catmore's avatar
      Adding include of numeric for gcc6.2 compatibility (DerivationFrameworkMCTruth-00-01-77) · 08031dfc
      James Catmore authored
      	* Adding include of numeric for gcc6.2 compatibility
      	* DerivationFrameworkMCTruth-00-01-77
      2016-10-12 Ben Nachman <bnachman@cern.ch>
      	* Now the TRUTH3 containers can be added to the reco derivations directly.
      2016-10-12 James Catmore <james.catmore@cern.ch>
      	* Updating TRUTH4
      	* DerivationFrameworkMCTruth-00-01-76
      2016-10-11 James Catmore <james.catmore@cern.ch>
      	* Updating TRUTH4 with Higgs truth categories
      	* DerivationFrameworkMCTruth-00-01-75
      2016-10-07 James Catmore <james.catmore@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: f2b869691303ccda01a5861cb0b946df9630c68d
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    • Atlas-Software Librarian's avatar
      'CMakeLists.txt' (DerivationFrameworkMCTruth-00-01-56) · 9a07f9fb
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Modifications to HF classification from M. Casolino
      	* Tagging as DerivationFrameworkMCTruth-00-01-56
      2015-11-05 James Catmore <james.catmore@cern.ch>
      	* Fixing bug in TruthCollectionMaker - unchecked access to
      	outgoing/incoming particles
      	* Tagging as DerivationFrameworkMCTruth-00-01-55
      2015-10-10 James Catmore <james.catmore@cern.ch>
      	* Adding heavy flavour from ttbar common augmentation
      	* Tagging as DerivationFrameworkMCTruth-00-01-54
      2015-10-07 Benjamin Nachman <bnachman@cern.ch>
      	* Added G4 protection for TRUTH1/3
      	* Tagging as DerivationFrameworkMCTruth-00-01-53
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
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