Commit 75bf6ab4 authored by John Derek Chapman's avatar John Derek Chapman Committed by Graeme Stewart
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Faster version of LArWheelCalculator::parameterized_sin obo Zach Marshall....

Faster version of LArWheelCalculator::parameterized_sin obo Zach Marshall. ATLASSIM-376. Tag GeoSpecialShapes-00-00-23-03 (GeoSpecialShapes-00-00-23-03)
parent d4caa72a
......@@ -21,22 +21,17 @@ using namespace Gaudi::Units;
void LArWheelCalculator::parameterized_sin(const double r, double &sin_a, double &cos_a) const
const double r2 = r*r;
const double r3 = r2*r;
const double r4 = r2*r2;
const double r5 = r4*r;
sin_a = m_sin_parametrization[0]
+ m_sin_parametrization[1]*r
+ m_sin_parametrization[2]*r2
+ m_sin_parametrization[3]*r3
+ m_sin_parametrization[4]*r4
+ m_sin_parametrization[5]*r5
cos_a = sqrt(1. - sin_a*sin_a);
double u=1.-sin_a*sin_a;
//put sqrt(u) in cos_a using sqrtsd instruction rather than function call
__asm__ ("sqrtsd %1, %0" : "=x" (cos_a) : "x" (u));
// Generic code, for re-insertion once the compiler does this for us
// cos_a = sqrt(1. - sin_a*sin_a);
void LArWheelCalculator::parameterized_sincos(const double r, double &sin_a, double &cos_a) const
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