Commit 7e6f9713 authored by Susan Cheatham's avatar Susan Cheatham Committed by Graeme Stewart
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fix seg fault in GlobalFitTool prepareMeasurementSet (MuGirlGlobalFit-00-00-48)

parent 580004c2
......@@ -247,6 +247,10 @@ Trk::MeasurementSet GlobalFitTool::prepareMeasurementSet(const MuonSegmentList &
for (MuonSegmentList::const_iterator MuonSegItr = pMuonSegments.begin(); MuonSegItr != pMuonSegments.end(); MuonSegItr++)
const Muon::MuonSegment* pSegment = *MuonSegItr;
auto checkSegment = pSegment->rioOnTrack(0);
if (!checkSegment) continue;
const Identifier& id = pSegment->rioOnTrack(0)->identify();
if (m_MuonIdHelperTool->isMdt(id)) SegmentTechnology = "MDT";
if (m_MuonIdHelperTool->isRpc(id)) SegmentTechnology = "RPC";
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