Commit 14ca5ef5 authored by Alexander Froch's avatar Alexander Froch
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Fixing pipeline

parent a71ddb01
......@@ -121,12 +121,11 @@ confusion_matrix_Dips_ttbar:
prediction_labels: ["dips_pb", "dips_pc", "dips_pu"] # For umami use umami_pX or dips_pX. The order matters!
data_set_name: "ttbar_r21"
type: "saliency"
data_set_name: "ttbar"
data_set_name: "ttbar"
title: "Saliency map for $b$ jets from \n $t\\bar{t}$ who passed WP = 77% \n with exactly 8 tracks"
target_beff: 0.77
# u=0, c=1, b=2
jet_flavour: "cjets"
PassBool: True
FlipAxis: True
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