Commit b958fbe0 authored by Philipp Gadow's avatar Philipp Gadow
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Merge branch 'frenner-master-patch-18709' into 'master'

Update examples/Preprocessing-parameters.yaml

See merge request atlas-flavor-tagging-tools/algorithms/umami!270
parents a8c461d4 e7995c15
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ file_path: &file_path /work/ws/nemo/fr_af1100-Training-Simulations-0/preprocesse
# Name of the output file from the preprocessing
.outfile_name: &outfile_name /work/ws/nemo/fr_af1100-Training-Simulations-0/preprocessed/PFlow-hybrid.h5
# Dictfile for the scaling and shifting (json)
# List of variables for training (yaml)
.var_file: &var_file /home/fr/fr_fr/fr_af1100/b-Tagging/packages/umami/umami/configs/Dips_Variables.yaml
# Dictfile for the scaling and shifting (json)
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