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    • James Beacham's avatar
      Merge branch '21.0' into '21.0' · 9271ee8e
      James Beacham authored and Tamara Vazquez Schroeder's avatar Tamara Vazquez Schroeder committed
      VrtSecInclusive : debug and optimization for r21 DAOD_RPVLL production
      See merge request atlas/athena!8709
      (cherry picked from commit fe7572a4 [formerly d4cc91084fe9ce3dd5d0e35564c93ea6271663e0])
      3415178c VrtSecInclusive: reorganizing debug messages
      8c055919 VrtSecInclusive: using IP significance for associating tracks
      adf4ad47 VrtSecInclusive: fixing the problem of fake rejection using extrapolation by…
      aa110fbb VrtSecInclusive: extrapolation cache cleaning
      975a9067 VrtSecInclusive: adding fail-safe from crazy fitting result
      3d3c1f3e VrtSecInclusive: limiting vertex seeds to have at least one track to satisfy the…
      91a95617 VrtSecInclusive: fixing the N-track vertex finding strategy switch, and vertex…
      bb7e52b9 VrtSecInclusive: added a more decent requirement in hit pattern (requiring >=6…
      8160ac77 VrtSecInclusive: miscellaneous code brushups
      a52015e4 VrtSecInclusive: changed the default DV configuration parameters
      2181fcdc VrtSecInclusive: various code cleanup
      a2c88c2a added a new job property to enable track-decoration variable names can be varied…
      cf810990 use ID tracks for the case of selecting muons option
      81a3ba03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/21.0' into 21.0
      d254bbd9 VrtSecInclusive: introduced a preselection in 2-track vertex finding before VKalVrt fit
      dd7856a1 VrtSecInclusive: relaxing the extrapolation pattern matching condition by…
      ac602c9a VrtSecInclusive: refining the final vertex augmentations
      c334dfb5 VrtSecInclusive: updated python/VrtSecInclusive.py to allow multiple instances…
      7db7e485 VrtSecInclusive: comissioning the augVerString option
      305eefcb VrtSecInclusive: directly fetching the TrackParticle pointer instead of using…
      4b412e86 VrtSecInclusive: commissioning of multiple VrtSecInclusive instances with…
      aff7ec67 VrtSecInclusive: VrtSecInclusive_DV_configuration.py: default(InDet) and leptons…
      a2620ac2 VrtSecInclusive: protection of not to have duplication of an identical track in the selection
      8964c632 tuning the algorithm details by MC samples; refining the monitoring histograms and debug messages.
      af1d23ca VrtSecInclusive: truth vertex tracer
      0d93f220 VrtSecInclusive: introducing hit pattern fake rejection with extrapolator…
      c86245d8 VrtSecInclusive: retuning VrtSecInclusive_DV_Configuration.py
      859a9058 VrtSecInclusive: bugfix and minor code cleanup
      eabcf6f7 VrtSecInclusive: limiting the phase space of vertex forming within IBL
      9365240c VrtSecInclusive: limiting the phase space of vertex forming 2-trk vertices for PV compatibility
      3504d6fb VrtSecInclusive: more tuning on MC signal efficiency
      daf7d496 VrtSecInclusive: adding tight track selection handles
      b1f71e92 VrtSecInclusive: finalizing optimization for rel21. detailed performance report:…
      74a495dc VrtSecInclusive: switching off storing intermediate vertices
      4f1cb3f8 Merge branch 'feature-VrtSecInclusive-newFeaturesIntegrated-21.0' into '21.0'
      Former-commit-id: fd56e1413410b526f8221c58dd5f7fbcf729b52d
    • Tamara Vazquez Schroeder's avatar
      Merge branch 'cherry-pick-a259df78 [formerly c18fc6d384]-21.0-mc16a' into '21.0-mc16a' · 5fd60c79
      Tamara Vazquez Schroeder authored
      Sweeping !7153 from 21.0 to 21.0-mc16a.
      Update on VrtSecInclusive
      See merge request atlas/athena!7274
      Former-commit-id: 76d6756cb9bfdd8eb33018c5718d9d0119cc1239
    • Tamara Vazquez Schroeder's avatar
      Merge branch 'revert-18b8e7c7' into '21.0-mc16a' · fd4a7c9c
      Tamara Vazquez Schroeder authored
      Revert "Merge branch 'cherry-pick-cfffd84a [formerly 974faa2b26]-21.0-mc16a' into '21.0-mc16a'"
      See merge request atlas/athena!12715
      Former-commit-id: 71f4c2c9ef30de9e10325038e4fc4fb93966e398
    • Tamara Vazquez Schroeder's avatar
      Revert "Merge branch 'cherry-pick-cfffd84a [formerly 974faa2b26]-21.0-mc16a' into '21.0-mc16a'" · 26067bbb
      Tamara Vazquez Schroeder authored
      This reverts merge request !12119
      Former-commit-id: a04495e754a21f9c464c36819d6a40d2e0a031a2
    • Tulay Cuhadar Donszelmann's avatar
      sweeping MR 12251 to 21.0-mc16a · 42eff42c
      Tulay Cuhadar Donszelmann authored
      Former-commit-id: f88edd3231f741ea837f3d6a18c3ef2c7a60e9e2
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    • James Beacham's avatar
      Merge branch '21.0-clean-licenceandcopyright-MS' into '21.0' · ff08b7d4
      James Beacham authored and Atlas Nightlybuild's avatar Atlas Nightlybuild committed
      21.0 clean licenceandcopyright [MS]
      See merge request atlas/athena!11860
      (cherry picked from commit b24d5346 [formerly 37e58cd5929596438d0be4b9398f345333098463])
      0e0db389 Fixed licences, copyright
      79d3e53b Added CERN copyright and removed private copyright
      74febb80 Restored symlink
      Former-commit-id: 41919067d44346a503ac48abed08b7f54fbcfa67
  16. 14 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • James Beacham's avatar
      Merge branch 'Remove_MA27' into '21.0' · 2e82124f
      James Beacham authored and Atlas Nightlybuild's avatar Atlas Nightlybuild committed
      Remove MA27 and clean up private member variables
      See merge request atlas/athena!11334
      (cherry picked from commit cfffd84a [formerly 974faa2b26cb119cf525a41e2fa7432d0bdd0a8c])
      1139d41a Remove MA27 and clean up private member variables
      9a68c581 Remove all references to MA27
      fce0467e Remove reference to MA27 from iPatFitter
      51c40550 Remove final reference to MA27
      449fc553 Update CMakeLists file
      014fa0a3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/21.0' into Remove_MA27
      a4936b8d Change solver so something more suitable for the alignment like problems
      2ee38b8d code cleanup -> NULL to nullptr
      df76f86b start removing cout/cerr
      7b7a6af6 Remove the remaining cout/cerr calls
      Former-commit-id: a24b2438bbe64598b181f1d5665fd117858b20ac
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  21. 09 Jan, 2018 1 commit
    • James Beacham's avatar
      Merge branch 'feature-checkDoTRTInTracklet' into '21.0' · 1e60c257
      James Beacham authored and Atlas Nightlybuild's avatar Atlas Nightlybuild committed
      Fix a potential bug about pixel prd tracklets
      See merge request atlas/athena!7452
      (cherry picked from commit c2190ce6 [formerly 9adf79eefa6dceb7eb25ea911496275b3b085208])
      07dbe00f Fix a potential bug in tracklet reconstruction. Added a check of TRT existence
      ef0b36fb Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/21.0' into feature-checkDoTRTInTracklet
      Former-commit-id: ecf033f45b070898f7837f3bfa29f91a37cf5cfa
  22. 20 Dec, 2017 1 commit
    • Tamara Vazquez Schroeder's avatar
      Merge branch 'feature-FourThreeLayerTracking-masahiko' into '21.0-mc16d' · 2b0d7e2a
      Tamara Vazquez Schroeder authored and Atlas Nightlybuild's avatar Atlas Nightlybuild committed
      Add three-layer tracking and four-layer tracking with using all available hits
      See merge request atlas/athena!7220
      (cherry picked from commit e9aab5d3 [formerly c67c313d4f34bc859a450a3bf34116b9a24ee19c])
      deeec8fb first commit. Added FourLayerTracking(almost same with PixelPrdAssociationTracks…
      35fa318c Added PixelStubletsMaker. This package creates 2-layer pixel stublets.
      09d3ba1f Modified CMakeLists.txt. Added jobOptions for PixelStubletsMaker
      b73a0c85 bug fix about the place of recording of output tracks
      964f6e6c Changed class name of PixelCluster. Modified the contents of class.
      6d00f9e9 remove PixelStubletsMaker
      3e299bab Merge tag 'release/21.0.50' into feature-FourThreeLayerTracking-masahiko
      c17356c9 Minor editing to comments
      0d0e8fb8 Add no extrapolation options to three-layer tracking
      681a672e Fix typo
      cfde8056 Fix mis-spelling of variable names
      7b038144 Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/21.0-mc16d' into…
      a62d843b Fixed a bug when adding new feature
      Former-commit-id: 19ed6127aedc0630dfa7cc039d34401c6d4b4b2b
  23. 14 Dec, 2017 1 commit