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### Tis Tos notes
## Tis Tos notes
### Hints
## Hints
* It does not matter which lines you actually TisTos, because the TisTos method
only tells you, how many events you had before the trigger, here $`N`$.
......@@ -15,12 +15,20 @@ $`N`$ is for example calculated as $`N=N_{Tis}/\varepsilon_{Tis}`$ with
$`\varepsilon_{Tis} = N_{TisTos}/N_{Tos}`$.
* Be careful with prescaled trigger lines. Use the prescale emulator for MC.
### Documentation
## Documentation
This repository contains two implementations of the TisTosMethod. The original
one from the authors of the notes, and one that does not depend on root, but
uses pandas.
### Pandas
For the methods using pandas see
[TisTosEffPandas/](TisTosEffPandas/ and the doc strings in
the implementation in [TisTosEffPandas/](TisTosEffPandas/
\ No newline at end of file
the implementation in [TisTosEffPandas/](TisTosEffPandas/
This implementation was tested on lxplus with `DaVinci/v42r7p2`.
For the example to work, you need to manually install root_pandas.
For example like this:
lb-run DaVinci/v42r7p2 bash
pip install root_pandas --user
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