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Consistent use of string directives

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......@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ func Test_getFileList_FilesExists(t *testing.T) {
input_path = append(input_path,"IT-Batch/cc7-gitlab.yaml")
out_test := getFileList(".",input_path)
if len(out_test) != 1 {t.Errorf("For",input_path,"expected size of 1","got",len(out_test))}
if out_test[0] != input_path[0] {t.Errorf("For",input_path,"received",out_test)}
if len(out_test) != 1 {t.Errorf("For %s expected size of 1 Received %d",input_path,len(out_test))}
if out_test[0] != input_path[0] {t.Errorf("For %s Received %s",input_path,out_test)}
//var err_path []string
//err_path = append(err_path,"IT-Batch/cc7-gitlab.yamlz")
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