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Merge branch 'release-v14r8p1' into '2018-patches'

Release notes for v14r8p1

See merge request !1636
parents 3d7c996a 4bbe6661
......@@ -16,6 +16,6 @@ find_package(GaudiProject)
# Declare project name and version
gaudi_project(Stripping v14r8
gaudi_project(Stripping v14r8p1
USE Phys v25r12
2021-08-31 Stripping v14r8p1
This version is released on `2018-patches` branch. It is intended for 2018 incremental stripping (`S34r0p2`), Builds with gcc62 on centos7.
Built relative to Stripping [v14r8](../-/tags/v14r8), with the following changes:
### Other
- Update stripping 34r0p2 refs, !1635 (@masmith)
- Creating dbases and archive for stripping34r0p2 after first val, !1632 (@fredi)
- Update LineConfig for CharmedBaryonSL, !1631 (@shtaneja)
- Updated B2XMuTauMuonic lines, !1629 (@htilquin)
- Updated B2XTauTauMuonic lines, !1628 (@htilquin)
- Update CharmedBaryonSL lines, !1627 (@ziyiw)
- Post Validation LambdaDecaysDM Lines, !1626 (@slopezso)
- B2OC: add 3 Lb lines with decay descriptor fixes, !1619 (@shunan)
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