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Add ImageStream in master-slave project structure

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* [Debugging using a superuser](#debugging-using-a-superuser)
3. [ACLs and permissions](#acls-and-permissions)
4. [Setup](#setup)
* [Master project - Image Stream](#Master+project+-+Image+Stream)
5. [Configuration](#configuration)
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## Setup
An instance can be deployed using the OpenShift template (can be found in _template/cern-search-api.yml_)
An instance can be deployed using the OpenShift template (can be found in _template/cern-search-api.yml_). However, the CERN setup (and therefore the template) does not include the ``ImageStream``. In this case, a master project has been setup (e.g. test-cern-search-master) where the image will be push by the ``gitlab-ci`` pipeline. Afterwards, the child projects (instances) will pull this image due to the image change trigger.
### Master project - Image Stream
To push the new images to the master project first you need to login in the corresponding OpenShift instance (``oc login``) and then work on the appropriate project (``oc project <project name>``). Finally you need to create the ImageStream before running the pipeline:
oc create -n openshift -f - <<EOF
apiVersion: v1
kind: ImageStream
description: <DESCRIPTION>
app: <APP_NAME>
name: <NAME>
dockerImageRepository: {gitlab-registry-url}
Another option would be to add ``--confirm`` to the ``import-image`` command in the CI file.
Finally you need to [gran permissions]( to reference the image across projects, and set up the [image change trigger]( in the deployment config of the app.
Take into account:
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