Commit a7f9735c authored by Walter Lampl's avatar Walter Lampl
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Merge branch 'HLTfullMenuL1DecoderCF' into 'master'

L1 decoder CF fix

See merge request atlas/athena!23850
parents bdef58f0 9c6b6e5b
......@@ -186,6 +186,8 @@ def makeHLTTree(HLTChains, newJO=False, triggerConfigHLT = None):
if len(l1decoder) != 1 :
raise RuntimeError(" Can't find 1 instance of L1Decoder in topSequence, instead found this in topSequence "+str(topSequence.getChildren()) )
# take L1Decoder out of topSeq
topSequence.remove( l1decoder )
# set CTP chains before creating the full tree (and the monitor)
EnabledChainNamesToCTP = dict([ (, c.seed) for c in HLTChains])
......@@ -194,6 +196,9 @@ def makeHLTTree(HLTChains, newJO=False, triggerConfigHLT = None):
# main HLT top sequence
hltTop = seqOR("HLTTop")
# put L1Decoder here
hltTop += l1decoder
# add the HLT steps Node
steps = seqAND("HLTAllSteps")
hltTop += steps
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