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Hide Geant4Converter debug information

Michal Mazurek requested to merge mimazure-hide-g4converter-output into master

@gcorti @admorris

Supersedes !110 (closed). Currently we have too much output coming from the Geant4Converter that is only needed for debugging purposes. The log files are so big that we cannot even take a look at them in the nightlies. This MR hides most of this input by setting the correct verbosity flag. The size of the output files drops from ~16MB to ~100kB.

This can be easily changed in the configuration if needed.

Example in Gaussino:

from Configurables import DD4hepCnvSvc
DD4hepCnvSvc().DebugMaterials = True
DD4hepCnvSvc().DebugElements = True
DD4hepCnvSvc().DebugVolumes = True
DD4hepCnvSvc().DebugPlacements = True
DD4hepCnvSvc().DebugShapes = True
DD4hepCnvSvc().DebugRegions = True

Example in Gauss:

from Configurables import LHCbDD4hepCnvSvc
LHCbDD4hepCnvSvc().DebugMaterials = True
LHCbDD4hepCnvSvc().DebugElements = True
LHCbDD4hepCnvSvc().DebugVolumes = True
LHCbDD4hepCnvSvc().DebugPlacements = True
LHCbDD4hepCnvSvc().DebugShapes = True
LHCbDD4hepCnvSvc().DebugRegions = True

P.S. The only problem that I found is that for some reason setting the global dd4hep flag does not work, i.e. it does get set, but it looks like it gets completely ignored by the rest of the code in DD4hep, Detector and Gaussino. I was not able to find out why.

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