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Draft: Geant4 & Phoenix Visualization

Michal Mazurek requested to merge mimazure-activate-vismanager into master

This is the base MR for all the developments that add/modify components that enable visualization with Geant4.

Changes in GiGaMT

Geant4 visualization does not work out of the box with Gaussino. This is mainly because a custom event loop has been implemented and many functionalities of both the G4MTRunManager and G4WorkerRunManager have been re-implemented. Additional difficulty arises from the fact that visualization in G4 is handled by an additional thread (created by Geant4 just before run initialization). This thread needs to have a few things correctly set up or otherwise it will not be created. Moreover, the worker pilot must not delete the G4Events too early as they are scheduled for postprocessing in Geant4. Therefore, the following MRs adapt GiGaMT to the new mechanism (tested with 8 threads and > 100 events):

  • !77 (merged) postpone the deletion of G4Events
  • !76 (merged) add the possibility to launch UI commands before the initialization of the run
  • !74 (merged) some extra information that has to be passed correctly to G4
  • !69 (merged) support EventAction and improve RunAction UI commands
  • !71 (closed) terminate the G4 Run correctly
  • !72 (merged) do not ignore the status of the UI commands launched from the worker threads,
  • !73 (merged) do not repeat RunAction commands that were previously used by the master thread.
  • !83 conditional storing of G4Trajectories,
  • !78 (merged) Add GiGaMTPhoenix

Changes in this MR

This MR consists of:

  • (base) Gaussino's implementation of G4VisManager
  • (base) python configuration

cc: @fbilandz

Edited by Michal Mazurek

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