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Draft: Enable conditional storing of G4Trajectories

Michal Mazurek requested to merge mimazure-store-g4trajectories into master

@gcorti The possibility to store G4Trajectories was not introduced when porting GaussPostTrackAction to Gaussino as a TruthFlaggingTrackAction. Now the possibility to store them is back and switched off by default.

  • Set m_storeTrajectories if you wish to store trajectories that correspond to MCTruth from GaussinoTrackInformation.
  • Set m_storeMarkedTrajectories if you wish to store only the G4Trajectories that participated in the creation of hits in the sensitive detector classes.

@fbilandz with this option we may now optimize the number of G4Trajectories used in G4 visualization in !70 and Phoenix in !78 (merged)

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