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WIP: Free parameter input/output for stepper - part 2

This MR is the 2nd part of the propagation of free parameters without unnecessary conversions. All covariance matrices have in common that there exists a global representation. Therefore the plan is to store these matrices inside the stepper always as 8x8 matrices. As a side effect, the transport of the covariance does not rely anymore on a projection matrix from local to global parameters but can be propagated directly using the transport Jacobian. The required transform from local to global coordinates is moved into SingleBoundParameters and SingleCurvilinearParameters since these classes already know the corresponding surface the parametrisation is based on.

This MR is in a deeper WIP status as it relies on multiple changes that requires careful treatment. As a road map this MR can be described as multiple sub-tasks:

  • StraighLineStepper should accept and return free parameters
  • EigenStepper should accept and return free parameters
  • AtlasStepper should accept and return free parameters
  • Test for correctness

Closes #635 (closed)

Edited by Fabian Klimpel

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