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Remove skip all from pipelines

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge removeskip into master

Changes introduced

Remove [skip all] from CI

The jobs that will be able to be skipped are listed in the README. One can skip multiple jobs by doing e.g. [skip modfiles] [skip athena] etc but it will not be possible to skip all the checks like we were doing in the past with [skip all] and [skip ci] will lead to a non-mergeable MR.

The jobs that will not be able to be skipped correspond to checks, which will lead to failed jobs on the grid, i.e.

  • name or jO content that does not conform with checks coded in Gen_tf
  • GRID files which are not readable by atlcvmfs
  • files not in the whitelist (the solution here would be to fix the whitelist, if this ever happens)

Also the possibility to skip the check for non-unique filenames is removed, since having duplicate files for no reason creates a mess. I think if the files are different people should give different names, if they are the same they should use links.


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Closes #190 (closed)

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