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Demote 'VTune libraries not found' message WARNING -> STATUS

This warning also appears in our CI build logs, but I'm less sure that suppressing it is a good idea since I'm not sure when the profiler is used. Maybe someone could confirm that this is ok before I submit it upstream?

There are also some other warnings that to me feel like they should be downgraded, but I haven't specifically encountered them in our logs yet. I could do them together if this seems sensible.

  • Also in /GaudiProfiling/CMakeLists.txt:
    • message(WARNING "The module GaudiProfiling is disabled (architecture ${CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR}).") triggered for all non-x86-64 architectures
  • In /CMakeLists.txt:
    • message(WARNING "gdb not found, you will not be able to have stack traces for problems")
  • In /cmake/externals.cmake:
    • message(WARNING "C++ Guidelines Support Library not available")
    • message(WARNING "Ranges-v3 library not available")

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