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downgrade warning to INFO since it doesn't seem important

Dan Guest requested to merge dguest/athena:remove-warning into 21.2

Having spent a while trying to track down the meaning of this warning

ToolSvc.SUSYTools WARNING Your baseline tau - lep OR/Veto settings look suspicious! You have enabled tau-e/mu OR (cone based), but set (EleOLR,MuonOLR)=(0,0) in your config file! PLEASE CHECK!

I can only conclude that this isn't very important: quoting a few people I've asked, we have (@ykeisuke)

Just ignoring the warning or set tau-lep OR to false should eliminate the warning

and according to @jojungge

In principle, you buy the risk of fake-taus which are in fact electrons or muons. I've observed this as well in the XAMPPmultilep && XAMPPstau packages and ignored it quite successful

I don't think we should have warnings if the expert advice is to ignore them, so I'm changing it to INFO.

Edited by Johannes Junggeburth

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