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WIP: Merge release/21.3.14 into 21.9 branch

John Derek Chapman requested to merge jchapman/athena:Merge21.3.14into21.9 into 21.9

This merge request merges the changes from the 21.3 branch between release/21.3.13 and release/21.3.14 (including the changes from the 21.0 branch between release/21.0.95 and release/21.0.97) into the 21.9 branch. This is done via a merge of release/21.3.14. (Last 21.3 release to be merged into 21.9 was release/21.3.13.)

release/21.0.96 is a Tier0 release. It alters the output of heavy ion production jobs. release/21.0.97 is a Tier0 release. It is FT0-preserving. release/21.3.14 is otherwise FT0-preserving.

Here is the full diff between

NB The changes in !22913 (merged) (which were part of release/21.0.96). Have been left out of this merge due to conflicts with the existing code in 21.9.

Edited by John Derek Chapman

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