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Remove m_elecChargeEffCorr tool from FillElectron

FillElectron uses m_elecChargeEffCorr to set the charge efficiency scale factor decorator, which seems unnecessary. The SF can be obtained with the GetSignalElecSF function already.

The current setup leads to many ERROR messages when running with the charge flip tagger (Ele.CFT) if the analysis has leptons below 20GeV. This is out of the validity range for the ChargeEff scale factor tool.

With this removed the user can determine themselves later on for which leptons to get the ChargeEff scale factor.

if (isMC() && > 20000) {
    chf_sf = susyObj->GetSignalElecSF(aod_ele, false, false, false, false, "", true);
} else {
    chf_sf = 1;

In case the decorator is needed, this PR has it being set in GetSignalElecSF. This seems to produce the same behavior and keep all the SF tools in one place. Let me know if I am missing some use case for this.

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