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Protecting forward JVT call in SUSYTools

Zach Marshall requested to merge zmarshal/athena:21.2_SUSYTools_ForPHYSLITE into 21.2

There's no need to compute forward JVT if we don't need it. It is needed in two places (in MET): 1) in the actual MET computation if fJVT is true; 2) in the MET significance calculation if do pileup jets is true. Therefore protecting the fJVT call with those two parameters.

This will mean that if there's someone out there not caring about either of the above things but still wanting to use fJVT, they won't get it decorated, but I'm having trouble imagining someone who wants to use fJVT in their analysis but not in their MET (and I can't think of anyone in SUSY who explicitly cuts on fJVT without using it in MET).

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