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Added MuonAnalysisInterfaces and updated MuonEfficiencyCorrections from 21.2

Nicolas Koehler requested to merge nkoehler/athena:mecMig into master


this MR adds the MuonAnalysisInterfaces from 21.2 to master. For now, only the includes of IMuonEfficiencyScaleFactors and IMuonTriggerScaleFactors are updated since the MR also updates the MuonEfficiencyCorrections package in master to the version of 21.2.

In a follow-up MR, also the includes of IMuonCalibrationAndSmearingTool and IMuonSelectionTool need to be updated.

Adding the tool developer of MuonEfficiencyCorrections, @jojungge, to make him aware that after this MR is merged, he can make use of the ~"alsoTargeting:master" label again when making updates into 21.2.

For the shifters: The MuonEfficiencyCorrections package was updated to the version being present in 21.2 since this is the branch in which the package is maintained. All updates which have been made to the package in the meantime in master where added by manually in this MR such that this is a merged version of 21.2 and master.

Best, Nico

Edited by Nicolas Koehler

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