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Merge MuonSelectorTools from 21.2 into master

Nicolas Koehler requested to merge nkoehler/athena:mst into master


this MR merges the version of the package MuonSelectorTools from 21.2 into master. I have checked manually that all changes which have been made to the package in the meantime in master are also included. Furthermore, the MR adapts all clients of the IMuonSelectionTool to use the interface located in MuonAnalysisInterfaces and deletes the one in MuonSelectorTools. This MR fixes ATLASRECTS-4805 and half of ATLASRECTS-5275.

Adding @szambito, @gartoni and @mkbugge to inform them, that from now on, for every MR affecting MuonSelectorTools into 21.2, you should also add the label ~"alsoTargeting:master" to keep master in synchronisation with 21.2. This will ease the future migration of a new analysis release based on release 22.

Best, Nico

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