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WIP: All view data loaded explicitly

Intending to change the Gaudi scheduler to remove the assumption that event-level data is present in views (was causing more problems than it solved). Gaudi MR: gaudi/Gaudi!1064 (merged)

Requires explicit loading of event-level data using ViewDataVerifier algorithms where it is needed. These changes should specify enough to get a full HLT job running. Note that SGInputLoader now needs some explicit data requests where it would have resolved them automatically.

Also changed AddressRemapSvc to ignore VDVs (as it already ignores SGInputLoader, and for the same reason).

Note there's a weird situation where some conditions data is loaded with SGIL. Discussed in JIRA:

Also needed to make the "verifier" part of VDV less strict, since it fails routinely for objects like StoreGateSvc+CaloBCIDAverage, see JIRA:

Edited by Benjamin Michael Wynne

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