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SUSYTools: JetTruthLabelingTool / PRW config / DL1 decorations / photon OR

Several updates to SUSYTools:
! separate commits for each feature + I cleaned up the commit history on the branch so please ignore the history in the MR.

  • adding JetTruthLabelingTool
    • access e.g. fatjet->auxdata<float>("R10TruthLabel_R21Consolidated_dR_W")
  • auto PRW configuration update
    • considering default cases:
      • mc16a: r9364, r11505, r11285
      • mc16c: r9781
      • mc16d: r10201, r11506, r11279
      • mc16e: r10724, r11507, r11249
      • mc16ans: r10740, r10832, r10847, r11008, r11036 (non-standard, for use with _rpvll files)
      • mc16dns: r10739, r10833, r10848, r11009, r11037 (non-standard, for use with _rpvll files)
      • mc16ens: r10790, r11038, r11265 (non-standard, for use with _rpvll files)
    • allowing rtag overrides from PRW.autoconfigPRWRtags string: mc16a:r9364_r11505,mc16d:r10210,etc style (semicolon/underscore/comma separated)
  • Extra decorations for DL1 tagger weights
  • Photon favoured overlap removal option (ATLSUSYBGF-528)
    • OR.PhotonFavoured: true to use SwapPrecedence for ElePho and MuPho

(Info for bookkeeping purposes)
Already merged in !32744 (merged) so removing here

  • updating SUSYToolsTester.cxx
    • fixing IsPFlowCrackVetoCleaning()
    • adding style file content checks for e.g. trkjets and fatjets
    • jet type from aux container name if no type decoration is stored (e.g. SUSY/LITE derivations)

Moving to separate new MR !32818 (merged)

  • updating GetTrackJets() to handle timestamped TrackJet containers
    • default still non-timestamped trackjets
    • default still 2019 CDI (not 2020 v3 CDI) as matching derivations might not be common yet
Edited by Sara Alderweireldt

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